A Great Way to End the Day

Today I had a great adventure with my beautiful friends Brooke and Rachel. The sunset was too low tonight to take pictures of but we captured the beauty of the moon and the night sky line. Hope you enjoy some pictures of the girls!

Book a photo shoot!

Hey guys hope everyone is having a great summer. Remember to book your photo shoots with me. I would love to see some new faces and make you happy with new photos. Yesterday I was with Jacque and took some great shots of her beautiful smile, hope you enjoy!

Casey’s Birthday Photo Shoot

Earlier today I went on a little adventure with my friend Casey. We had a fun time messing around and getting some great shots. We brought the American flag with us today and brought in some early Fourth of July spirit to our photo shoot. Casey brought a lot of spirit and smiles today, hope you enjoy her smile as much as I do.

Great Sand Dunes in Colorado

Recently I went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve located in Colorado. I took just a couple shots of the beautiful view there. Unfortunately I did not make it to the top of the Sand Dunes as it started hailing during my hike. If you are looking for a great summer vacation I definitely suggest the dunes. There is a camp site outside the dunes, swimming in the river is always fun, some beautiful hike trails, and many deer live in the area.